Personalized Pet Toothbrushes

Personalized Pet Toothbrushes
June 8, 2012

February is National Pet Dental Health Month

February is National Pet Dental Awareness Month, get out those tooth brushes and scrub those canine pearly whites. Dental hygiene is as important for pets as it is for us and for the same reasons. Periodontal disease is an infection caused by plaque, a thin bacteria laden film that can form on teeth.   Once your pet has the disease, it will have to see a vet for treatment but if you give them regular brushing, you can prevent the issue. Brushing is a good time to check for any odd lumps or inflamed, bleeding gums. Signs of dental disease can be as simple as red gums, lack of appetite or chewing on only one side of his mouth.

Prevention is the key and it is easy. Get your dog used to you handling his mouth for a few minutes each day for a week or so before introducing the next step.  Just lift a lip on one side and rub the surface of the upper and lower teeth and gums.   At lot of praise and keep it short. A week or so of this pleasant experience for the pupster and you are ready to bring on the big guns………..the dog toothbrush. You can get dog toothpaste but do not use human toothpaste because dogs will swallow it and it can cause upset stomach.   However, it is just as easy to use the toothbrush dipped in a little beef or chicken broth. The broth will not give him minty fresh breath but his teeth will be clean.

In closing, prevention is better than a trip to the vet’s office but as with everything, check with your vet on anything other than a toothbrush and water that you give to your best friend.

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